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Broken Head MX Motocross Helmet Resolution Red

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  • Cross-Resolution-Rot-A-Minus-XXL
You don't just ride a motorcycle because you have to get from A to B? Motorcycling your... more

You don't just ride a motorcycle because you have to get from A to B? Motorcycling your attitude to life and you want to set yourself apart from the mainstream?

Then ask yourself the question now, which helmet you ride, and whether this fits your attitude! And have you come to a decision? If you drive a 08/15 mainstream helmet, which has every other motorcyclist on, then it's time that you get a helmet that fits your lifestyle. And that's exactly why we have designed the Broken Head Resolution Helmet for you. But beware, with the Broken Head Resolution helmet you will certainly not meet with universal approval.

If the decor is too heavy for you, you better look around somewhere else.

With this helmet you will stand out, we can promise you that. It not only looks good, but also tells a story, which is also printed on the helmet.

Show your environment that you are not a boring standard yes-man. You want to change the world, you are a rebel. Then the last thing you need is a boring standard helmet. With this helmet you become part of the story it tells.

Start your new life now, as part of the Broken Head Elite.


The rebellion has begun - is this the chance for a new beginning?
It is day 28 after the end of the worshipful nuclear war. The former "elites" who turned our world into a pile of rubble have destroyed themselves.

But a new power is forming in the country. It calls itself Broken Head Elite. Its members are, without exception, motorcyclists. Their goals are freedom, peace and self-determination. They are our chance for a better life. The old is completely destroyed, now a new era begins.

Our days are numbered - will this be the end of us?
The mighty of the earth are preparing for the last great blow. The catastrophe will inevitably happen. The superpowers are about to press the red button. This is what happens when power is in the hands of a few who do the unthinkable for their sick goals.

What will our world look like after this? One thing is certain, it will no longer be as we know it. we know it. It will be a silent world. A world without laughter without birdsong without life. When we realize what is happening, it will already be too late.

It has been clear to many of us for a long time. It could not go on like in the past. The power-hungry of this world have tried without scruples everything to receive their power. How it turned out we have experienced with all harshness. On 20.04.2019 as the crazy rulers have pressed the red button it came as it had to come. The nuclear catastrophe began. Triggered by a few, a chain reaction of destruction began. When the first bombs fell, it was clear to many that this was the end. A time of silence began. No more birds chirped, no more children sang and no more music sounded. It looked as if everything was over.

But sometimes it just takes courage to create a better world. Just 28 days after the devastating nuclear war, a group formed that didn't let it get them down, didn't bury their heads in the sand, but started a rebellion. A rebellion against unreason, the old structures, entrenched thought patterns, self-destructive ways of thinking and oppression. Their goals are freedom, self-determination and peace. This group calls itself Broken Head Elite. It consists of 100% motorcyclists who are fed up, who are real rebels.

If you share these values, and see yourself as a rebel, then get the Broken Head Resolution Helmet now And become part of the Broken Head Elite.


Technical Features 

  • You want a lightweight but durable helmet? The helmet shell is made of polycarbonate. Not particularly heavy but very robust.
  • Want a light weight?   With its 1,500 grams, the helmet is particularly light and protects your neck at the same time.
  • The road approval is the most important thing for you?   The helmet has the ECE standard. So you can be unconcerned. The helmet offers you the best possible protection.


Comfort features:

  • You hate it when the inner lining is so wet that it sticks to the walls?   The helmet has a removable inner lining. After a day on the cross track, you simply take out the inner lining and throw it in the washing machine.
  • You would like to be able to adjust your helmet individually?   The adjustable helmet peak fulfills your every wish.
  • You would like to be able to close the closure quickly and easily?   Then we have just the thing. The helmet has a ratchet closure. No annoying fumbling around.
Color: red, schwarz
Typ: Motorradhelm
Restposten: A-Minus-Ware
surface: mat
material: polycarbonate
Gewicht: 1200 g - 1500 g
standard: ECE 22.05
closure: double D, ratchet closure
use: Motocross
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