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Broken Head Enduro Helmet Road Pirate VX2 Red SET incl. red mirrored visor

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Produkt-Vorteile im Überblick

  • ✔️ Du bekommst zwei Visiere (Rot-Verspiegelt + Klar)
    ✔️ Leichte Helmschale für mehr Fahrspaß (ca. 1450 Gr.)
    ✔️ Innenliegende, leicht bedienbare Sonnenblende
    ✔️ Herausnehmbares und waschbares Innenfutter
    ✔️ ECE Straßen-Zulassung für Deutschland und Europa

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Hoist the flag! The real pirate is here! Yes, YOU have what it takes!   The ship is... more

Hoist the flag! The real pirate is here! Yes, YOU have what it takes!


The ship is your bike, the pirate hat is your helmet that protects your restless head during your unbridled adventures. The Road Pirate enduro helmet lets the others know without further ado who is the boss here. You are a buccaneer and want to spread fear! Arrrrrrr! The mega-aggressive look of your helmet makes everyone doubt his abilities, which brings you even more power and respect. We are not on the playground here, no more fun! You are a rule breaker, show your true rebellious nature. You are not afraid of anything - neither of thunderstorms nor of the storm. Ancient pirate souls that show up on the back of your helmet protect you, while the compasses on the sides steer you in the right direction and reveal hidden treasures.


The Road Pirate VX2 - A helmet for real daredevils!

You need danger, speed and extreme conditions, we understand you like no other, because all Broken Head Elite members are just as crazy and free! Do you dare to become a part of it? We don't take orders and we do what we want! With the right attitude you can make it. Who wants to live a boring life? We stand for the extreme and if you are just as crazy, what are you waiting for? The Road Pirate supports you on your wild adventures. For pirates the sea is unpredictable. They sacrifice their lives for the big booty. You can't live much more dangerously than that! Or can you prove us wrong, because you are a real daredevil on your bike? How much Pirate is in you?


An enduro helmet that is strong and rebellious, like a real pirate! Put it on and experience the wildest adventures!


Technical features

  • 3-in-1 enduro helmet, adapt it to you!   Take off the visor and you have a cross helmet, take off the visor and you have a full-face helmet, leave it as it is, it is the perfect enduro helmet.
  • Never have a fogged visor again!   The Road Pirate visor is Pinlock prepared. Attach a Pinlock lens and through the air circulation fogged windows are a thought of yesterday! Pssst Pinlock discs gibts with us in the store!
  • Be safe and approved on the road!  Our helmet meets the ECE 22.05 standard, it is thus approved in road traffic.
  • A closure that is safe and easy to operate!   The ratchet closure allows you to open the helmet super fast, in dangerous situations, the closure does not pop open unwanted.
  • Ride towards the sun without being blinded!   The Road Pirate VX2 has a sun visor integrated into the helmet. It can be easily operated by a lever on the side of the helmet.


Comfort Features

  • Your helmet will always smell fresh!  You can easily remove the inner lining and wash it in the washing machine. No more bad smells!
  • The helmet is lightweight and easy on your neck!  The helmet shell is made of polycarbonate, which means that the helmet itself does not weigh much. Thus, there is no burden on your neck.
  • Always breathe fresh air!   Thanks to our special ventilation system on the forehead and chin, you will always keep a cool head. The fresh air can enter the helmet and the stale air can escape from the helmet.


Typ: Motorradhelm
Farbe: rot
Oberfläche: matt
Material: Polycarbonat
Gewicht: > 1500 g
Norm: ECE 22.05
PinLock: PinLock vorbereitet
Verschluss: Ratschenverschluss
Verwendung: Enduro
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