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Broken Head Full Face Helmet Bavarian Patriot


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Produkt-Vorteile im Überblick

  • ✔️ Sei stolz auf Deine Heimat - Be a Bavarian Patriot
    ✔️ Einzigartiges Design im Bayern Lifestyle 
    ✔️ Optimal belüftet, für das perfekte Klima im Helm
    ✔️ Herausnehmbares und waschbares Innenfutter

    ✔️ ECE Zulassung für Deutschland und Europa


  • Int-Bavarian-Patriot-XS
The Bavarian Patriot full-face helmet - Show your Bavarian pride and all eyes will be on you!... more

The Bavarian Patriot full-face helmet - Show your Bavarian pride and all eyes will be on you!


Amüsier di guad! Riding a motorcycle has to be fun! When cruising you forget all your worries, there is only you, the track and your bike. Either alone or with your whole crew. With the Broken Head full-face helmet Bavarian Patriot you will experience exactly this feeling!

The helmet is characterized by the Bavarian flag, it runs over the entire helmet. On the back you will find the original Bavarian Patriot. Patriotic and scary at the same time. On the street the others will make eyes. You don't see such an extraordinary helmet every day. Become the eye-catcher on your track!

You don't have to be a real Bavarian to ride with this helmet. If the design appeals to you, get it right away before it gets snatched up!


Tradition meets individual design - The Bavarian Patriot

The design of the helmet is first class. However, this helmet also offers you some extraordinary advantages. Two ventilation slots in the front of the helmet ensure that you always have access to fresh air. Furthermore, the helmet has five more vents in the back, which immediately vent the stale old air outside. So you don't have to ride around in a stuffy helmet. With an optimal weight of 1,400 grams (+/- 50 g), it is not heavy on your shoulders and the balance is perfect. If you still want to buy an anti-fog lens for the Bavarian Patriot full-face helmet, you can also purchase the photochromic anti-fog lens from Raleri in our store. What does photochrom mean? In sunlight, this tint itself, so you will not be blinded by the sun.

The features appeal to you personally? Then get the new Broken Head full-face helmet Bavarian Patriot and show your love of home!


Technical Features:

  • No more stuffy air in the helmet! The ventilation of the helmet is unique! Two ventilation slots at the front of the helmet, provide fresh air inside the helmet. Another five slots at the back of the helmet kick the old stale air immediately to the outside.
  • Safe and approved! The Bavarian Patriot full-face helmet has the ECE standard 22.05. So you enjoy the best possible protection.
  • Super lightweight and durable! The helmet is made of polycarbonate and weighs just under 1,400 grams. The material is very resistant and does not feel really heavy. In the event of an impact, your head is optimally protected.


Comfort Features:

  • Your helmet always smells fresh! You can easily remove and re-install the inner lining. If the inner lining gets a little sweat, you can also easily wash it.
  • No chance for drafts: Due to the wind deflector, no insects can fly into your helmet and there will also be no unpleasant drafts.


Farbe: blau, schwarz, weiss
Typ: Motorradhelm
Oberfläche: matt
Material: Polycarbonat
Gewicht: 1200 g - 1500 g
Norm: ECE 22.05
Verschluss: Ratschenverschluss
Verwendung: Roller, Street, Touring
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