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Broken Head Fullgas Viking V2 Pro SET + blue mirrored visor


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Produkt-Vorteile im Überblick

  • ✔️ Kommt mit zwei Visieren (Blau-Verspiegelt + Klar)
    ✔️ Optimale Belüftung, sorgt für frische Luft im Helm
    ✔️ Bequemer, leicht bedienbarer Ratschenverschluss
    ✔️ Herausnehmbares und waschbares Innenfutter

    ✔️ ECE Zulassung für Deutschland und Europa


  • Fullgas-Int-V2Pro-S
You're fed up with boring helmet designs? Then we have just the right helmet for you. The... more

You're fed up with boring helmet designs? Then we have just the right helmet for you. The Broken Head Jack Sparrow will inspire you very much.

The Broken Head Jack S full-face helmet is available in two colors. Red and green. On the left side is a pirate with assault rifles and on the right side of the helmet is a pirate with knives between his teeth. Aggressive is almost too weak to describe this look. The color scheme alone with black, white and red will sweep you off your feet. At the front of the helmet are blood splatters that decorate the whole helmet. The bone pistons additionally support the effect in an excellent way...,

With the Broken Head Jack S you can show what is really in you. If you have the courage to ride a motorcycle with it, then buy it now.


You are totally disgusted by stuffy air inside the helmet? Did you have the feeling of bad ventilation with your last helmet? With the Jack S. you can exclude such a thing.

This helmet has an innovative ventilation system, in which even the stuffiest air is immediately catapulted outside. Furthermore, there is also a visor lock. With this, you can be sure that the visor always stays down during a fast ride. In addition, the helmet is made of polycarbonate, which is a very lightweight material. You will hardly notice the helmet on your head, as light as it is. Say goodbye to neck pain.

Has this helmet convinced you just by looking at it? Then buy it now and show what is really in you!


Technical Features:

  • You want to have a mirrored visor?   Then you've made the right turn here. You get a mirrored visor for free with this helmet.
  • No more stuffiness inside the helmet!   The innovative ventilation system immediately catapults the old, stale air outside.
  • You're a fast rider on the roads?   The visor lock keeps the visor down at all times. Even when you're riding fast.


Comfort Features:

  • Don't feel like having a stained liner? You can easily take it out and throw it in the washing machine.
  • You don't want a steel helmet on your head?   The Jack S. is made of polycarbonate. For you this means that this helmet will not give you any neck pain.
  • You want to open the helmet quickly?   The helmet has a ratchet closure, which can be opened very quickly and easily.
  • You love aggressive helmet designs?  Aggressive is almost an understatement to describe the design. See for yourself.

You like the technical and comfort features? Then we have probably found just the right helmet for you. Get it now if you dare.

Farbe: schwarz, blau, grau
Belüftung: 7-fach Belüftung
Belüftungsöffnungen: 7
Verwendung: Street, Touring, Race
Ausstattung: Bluetooth vorbereitet
PinLock: PinLock vorbereitet
Brillenträger: mit Brillenkanal
Gewicht: 1450
Material: Polycarbonat
Norm: ECE 22.05
Oberfläche: matt, UV-Schutz Lackierung
Bluetooth-Vorbereitung: Bluetooth-Vorbereitung
Typ: SET | mit verspiegeltem Visier, Motorradhelm
Verschluss: Ratschenverschluss
Visier: verspiegelt
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